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Central Darfur says tribal tensions resolved

February 12 - 2016 MUKJAR
Abbala tribesmen in Kereinik, West Darfur (Didier Ruef)
Abbala tribesmen in Kereinik, West Darfur (Didier Ruef)

The Governor of Central Darfur, Shartai Jaafar Abdelhakim, announced that the recent tensions between the Abbala and Salamat tribes in Mukjar, Central Darfur, have been resolved. Meanwhile armed members of both tribes are gathering in areas in the locality.

Abdelhakim made his announcement today, one week after a shooting between Abbala and Salamat resulted in a clash. A listener told Radio Dabanga that the Governor arrived in Mukjar town today and negotiated with both parties.

In an attempt to stabilise relations and prevent further tension between the tribes, the state government has committed itself to paying SDG65,000 to the Abbala. In return, the Abbala will release two of the twelve detained Salamat tribesmen. The fate of the ten other detainees was not yet known on Friday afternoon.

“There are still crowds of militant tribesmen gathering, however, in the vicinity of Mukjar,” the listener reported.

On Friday 5 February, a Salamat member shot an Abbala member, Omda Juma El Tahir Ghabasha, in the shoulder in Mukjar. In a retaliation act, Abbala tribesmen arrived at the scene and beat and robbed Salamat members later on Friday. 12 members were captured.

The market of Mukjar in Central Darfur closed on Monday owing to the tensions. In the neighbouring Bindisi locality, a witness said that the shops in the market have been closed on orders of the local authorities since Thursday, as a result of the gathering tribal fighters coming from the north and south of Bindisi.

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