Central Darfur emergency laws grant powers to security forces

The Central Darfur Governor follows the introduction of emergency laws in North Darfur. Regular security forces will be granted “all powers” to reduce thefts and crimes.

Ja'afar Abdelhakam, the Governor of Central Darfur, announced the activation of emergency laws across the state, starting next Monday. Regular security forces will be granted “all powers” to reduce the criminality rate. “The security issues have exhausted citizens of the state in the past two months.”

Abdelhakam added his voice to the Darfur governors' warnings against criminals and outlaws in the states. In a press statement, he explained that he and the state security committee saw the need for the emergency laws, to “decisively deter” crimes and thefts, in order to achieve stability.

“The government will strike with an iron first, without any compromise on the matter,” the governor warned the perpetrators of crimes and thefts, and outlaws of punishment.

The former head of the transitional Darfur Regional Authority added that he granted “all the powers” to the regular security forces to reduce the number of crimes. The emergency measures will constitute full shut-down of the capital, a ban on wearing 'kadamool' (a veil covering the face) and khaki by non-military, a ban on alcohol and drugs, and the use of unlicensed motorcycles and vehicles.

“Armed robberies and hijacks are the order of the day.”

Abdelhakam's emergency laws are similar to those issued by the new North Darfur Governor, Abdelwahed Yousef, last week. South Darfur's new Governor, Adam El Faki, also announced that security, stability, peace, and development for the citizens of the state are his top priorities.

Abdelhakam warned native administrators to punish any sheikh, omda or amir who disregards these measures, attempts to hide or protect criminals, or refuses to cooperate with the regular forces. Finally he called on the Central Darfuris to fully cooperate with the regular forces and to immediately report any criminal cases.

An eyewitness of a hijack in Zalingei, the capital of Central Darfur, recently told Radio Dabanga: “Armed robberies and hijacks are the order of the day. We are being terrorised day and night, while the authorities and government forces do not intervene. The insecurity is affecting the trade at the markets, and even our tradition to break the fast together in front of our houses.”