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Central Darfur displaced reject model villages

October 19 - 2014 BINDISI CAMP

The displaced of Bindisi camp in Central Darfur reject any voluntary repatriation, to be implemented by the Darfur Regional Authority (DRA), headed by El Tijani Sese, if security and peace have not been restored in the region.

“DRA employees last week attempted to register the Bindisi camp residents, in preparation for their transport to newly erected model villages in the state,” a camp sheikh reported to Radio Dabanga.

He accused El Tijani Sese of implementing of the ruling National Congress Party’s agenda to dismantle the camp. He stressed the displaced “absolute rejection of any voluntary repatriation programme”. “We will only leave the camp when stability and security are restored in the region, and a comprehensive peace has been achieved.”

The State of Qatar, which initiated peace negotiations between the Sudanese government and the former rebel Liberation and Justice Movement (LJM), led by El Tijani Sese, resulting in the Doha Document for Peace in Darfur in 2011, also established the Qatari Initiative for Development in Darfur. This initiative plans the construction of a large number of model villages in the region.

The Darfuri displaced, however, pointed to the rampant insecurity in the region. “The displaced and the refugees will not be protected in the model villages, as long as the Janjaweed militias are not disarmed.”

“Security is by far the main priority to achieve stability, not the creation of model villages,” the coordinator of the North Darfur camps for the displaced told Radio Dabanga in March this year. “Although the Abuja and Doha peace agreements include the establishment of model villages, the idea is pursued for personal gains only.”

File photo: A Darfur village in 2004 (Mia Farrow)


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