Cattle theft, malnutrition in East Jebel Marra

Villagers in the mountainous region, witnessing clashes and air raids since the start of 2015, lose the few remaining livestock they own to raiding militiamen.

Militiamen robbed residents of three villages in East Jebel Marra of their few remaining properties and injured a man on Sunday. Residents in the region reported that many displaced children suffer from malnutrition.

A witness told Dabanga that people in Nemra, Hillet Massalit, and Dalma, villages south of El Fasher city, were robbed by members of the Rapid Support Forces riding on camels. “They assaulted Abdel Rahman Yahya, injured him, robbed his donkeys and twelve goats.”

The militiamen also robbed eight donkeys and seven goats in Hillet Massalit, he reported, and four horses and twelve sheep in Dalma.


Other witnesses reported to Dabanga that there are more than a hundred children who suffer from malnutrition at Wadi Ashara area, north of Mashrou Abu Zeid, where tens of families are stranded.

Mashrou Abu Zeid is near Fanga, a former rebel stronghold. Government forces and pro-government militia members clashed in the beginning of this year with armed rebels in the area. Many have sought refuge in Wadi Ashara when the paramilitary Rapid Support Forces, backed by the Sudanese Air Force, attacked their villages in East Jebel Marra in January.

In addition, a resident in East Jebel Marra reported that two shepherds have gone missing. The fate of Abdel Latif Abdel Majid Abdallah (21 years) and Adam Abdallah (35 years) is currently unknown, he said.