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Carter predicts a second round for Sudan elections

February 12 - 2009 KHARTOUM

After the first round of elections in April, there will be a second round needed to elect the new president for Sudan. That was predicted by former US President Jimmy Carter while visiting Sudan. “If no one gets an absolute majority, then there will be a run-off election in May and I think that’s a high likelihood. We don’t know yet whether al-Bashir can get a majority in the beginning round. If not, which I think is likely, there will be a run-off between him and the second person who gets the most votes,” Carter was quoted by the website Sudan Tribune. Carter heads the Carter Centre, which is monitoring the elections. Any presidential candidate needs 51% of the votes. A second round (run off) is needed when none of the candidates is elected by majority. Normally the second round is between the two candidates with the most votes in the first round.

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