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Captured rebels 'miserable' in Omdurman prison

September 5 - 2016 OMDURMAN
Sudanese prison (file photo)
Sudanese prison (file photo)

More than a hundred rebel combatants are held in prison in Omdurman. 23 of them are suffering from tuberculosis, according to an informed source.

The 181 prisoners of the Justice and Equality Movement were captured in a battle with the Rapid Support Forces at Goz Dongor in April 2015. The security service transferred them to El Huda prison last January.

“23 of them are on the death bed, infected with tuberculosis,” a source told Radio Dabanga. “The prisoners have been held in closed cells always, not allowed to leave. Those infected with tuberculosis have not been given treatment.

“Since these prisoners were directly handed over by the security apparatus to El Huda prison in Omdurman, they have not been brought to trial, or to any judicial organ,” the source added. “They are in a miserable and inhumane situation.”

1,091 inmates

The Sudanese Parliament's Committee on Justice and Human Rights said that there are 1,091 inmates awaiting trial for various crimes at Omdurman prison. The committee said it has witnessed the suffering of the inmates.

“The number of inmates is greater than the capacity of the prison,” the committee announced last weekend. They face difficult humanitarian and health situations, it added.


Stay of execution for seven Darfur rebels (22 December 2015)

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