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‘Calm’ after Kordofan tribal violence

April 5 - 2017 EN NAHUD
After decades of conflict, Sudan is awash with weapons like this Kalashnikov assault rifle (File photo)
After decades of conflict, Sudan is awash with weapons like this Kalashnikov assault rifle (File photo)

An uneasy calm has returned to North and West Kordofan after two days of bloody fighting between the Hamar and Kababish tribes that left at least 53 dead and an as yet unknown number of wounded.

At least 13 casualties have been transferred to En Nahud hospital. Sources confirmed that the police and army forces have evacuated Hamar from the gold mines in North Kordofan as well as traders in the market of Hamrat El Sheikh to their areas in West Kordofan. The government forces have also separated the forces of the warring parties in the mining and border areas.

At an urgent meeting in El Obeid, the security committee of North and West Kordofan states confirmed the necessity to extend security by deploying more police, make urgent arrangements to contain the situation, and coordinate between the two states to arrest the outlaws and prevent friction between the Kababish and Hamar.

Popular committee

North and West Kordofan states announced the formation of a popular committee, headed by the Speakers of the respective Legislative Councils of North and West Kordofan, membership of the native administration of the tribes and representatives of the constituencies to hold a reconciliation conference between the Kababish and Hamar tribes, leading initiatives that would contribute to resolving the causes of the dispute, with the confirmation of the presence of regular forces in the incidents’ areas.

The police chief of West Kordofan, Maj. Gen. Osman Kababshi Juma, confirmed that his forces are “in control of the outlaws. Calm has returned and regular forces in the areas are leading the legal and criminal proceedings”.

He said that complaints have been filed and some of the accused have been arrested.

Yesterday, government forces managed to separate the two sides after intervening directly with a large contingent of about 50 armoured vehicles and a helicopter at Um Marahik.

In a statement via the Sudanese News Agency (SUNA) today, the Speaker of the National Assembly, Prof Ibrahim Ahmed Omer expressed regret over the ongoing dispute in North and West Kordofan. Addressing the Assembly's session today, he said the National Legislatures are closely watching the regretful incidents day by day and directed the authorities concerned to end the conflicts, immediately, .

He urged the citizens of the state to resort to wisdom and maintain peace and stability in Kordofan .

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