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50+ dead in Kordofan tribal clashes

April 4 - 2017 EN NAHUD
West Kordofan (file photo)
West Kordofan (file photo)

More than 50 tribesmen have been killed in two days of clashes between Hamar and Kababish tribes in North and West Kordofan at the weekend.

Government forces have managed to separate the two sides after intervening directly with a large contingent of about 50 armoured vehicles and a helicopter at Um Marahik. The situation remains tense and the Hamar and Kababish native administrations called on all members for calm.

Several sources in the area reported to Radio Dabanga on Monday that at least 53 people have already died in the fighting, which initially erupted after three armed Kababish tribesmen allegedly stole camels from the Hamar on Friday.

“The situation is very tense and could escalate any time, in spite of the deployment of government soldiers to separate the fighters,” said a witness in En Nahud:

In a press statement, the opposition National Umma Party (NUP), called on both sides “to immediately stop the devastating fighting”. The statement reminds the tribes of their historical ties.

The party says that the Sudanese government has instigated the conflict by selling weapons to tribes. The statement stressed the importance of a transparent investigation by an independent national committee.

Members of the Hamar tribe were also involved in a deadly clash with Misseriya tribesmen in West Kordofan in September last year.


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