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Calls for transitional authority in Sudan

August 23 - 2018 KHARTOUM
A bread queue in Khartoum this month (RD)
A bread queue in Khartoum this month (RD)

A group called ‘Harak’, supported by the opposition Sudanese Congress Party, has called for a declaration of memorandum of a minimum programme leading to a national consensus.

According to the declaration released to Radio Dabanga, there is a national crisis that confirms that the time has come for change through proposing the formation of a national transitional authority.

The Sudanese Congress Party has announced in a statement its unequivocal support for the declaration and called on its supporters to sign the memorandum calling for changing the ruling regime, saying that the declaration of the memorandum opens the door for a nation-wide transition under the banner of peace, freedom and social justice.

The statement has called on the Sudanese inside and outside the country to promote the declaration and rally around their demands.

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