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Call to shut-down North Darfur militia leader's 'court'

April 14 - 2017 SARAF OMRA

A number of people from Saraf Omra locality have complained to Radio Dabanga about the violations and abuses of one of the militia leaders in the area named Ahmed Khater who imposes fines and royalties on people through a random ‘kangaroo court’.

Khater also reportedly confiscates property. The latest incident involved assault on Haroun Fadl Ahmed who was beaten and tied to a tree trunk. Residents told this station that when they approached the director of Saraf Omra prison to file a complaint against him, he refused, saying that he has no authority to do so.

They called on the Governor of North Darfur to end the violations and abuses of Ahmed Khater and close-down his ‘court’.

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