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Cabinet rejects ICC decision

February 5 - 2010 KHARTOUM

The Sudanese Cabinet of Ministers has rejected yesterday the decision of the Appeal Chamber of the International Criminal Court (ICC) on charges of genocide against President Omar al Bashir. The Appeal Chamber wants the court to re-consider the prosecution of President Bashir for genocide. According to the cabinet the move was made mainly to disrupt the elections and to hinder the peace process in Doha. The cabinet appealed to all political parties, friendly countries and the African Union to dismiss the decision of the Appeal Chamber.
Hundreds of people have demonstrated in support of the ICC decision. Residents in Niertete in Jebel Marra demonstrated and called on the international community and the United Nations to support the ICC. Refugees in eastern Chad also appeared jubilant. In Erdemi camp, refugees made calls for president Bashir to appear before the ICC. The residents consider the ICC decision as support to achieve peace in Darfur.

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