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Border Guards raid more villages in Kutum, North Darfur

October 9 - 2015 KUTUM
A fire spreads in Darfur (file photo)
A fire spreads in Darfur (file photo)

An attack by members of the Border Guards on villages near Kutum town, North Darfur, resulted in the wounding of a number of residents on Thursday. Most of the victims were reportedly women. The paramilitaries robbed the people of their money and livestock and torched their villages.

Members of the Border Guards arrived in three Land Cruisers mounted with Dushka machine guns and others on the backs of camels at the villages Zakaria Mohamed Idris, Adam Yousef, Ed El Garad, Bashar Abdelbanat, Ahmed Babour, and Amarjadeed at about 10am.

A witness reported to Radio Dabanga that they whipped and beat villagers before taking their money and property, and took off with their livestock. The six villages, mostly inhabited by women, were torched. “The villages were completely burned. Many people, mostly women, were wounded. Three children went missing.”

A source in the state government reported to the radio station that the North Darfur Governor sent and order to the commander of the Border Intelligence Brigade's sixth infantry in September, to take the perpetrators into custody.

Members of the Border Guards, together with deserted army soldiers, raided villages in Kutum locality in North Darfur throughout September. Eight people were reportedly killed in raids on 17, 18, and 19 September. The attackers also robbed a group of about 500 gold miners who had just returned from mines in Chad.

Independent MP for Um Baru and Karnoi constituencies, Mohamed Ahmed Minawi, told Radio Dabanga last month that deserted soldiers and Border Guards started to attack villages, as there are no rebels in the area. “They are still wearing their military uniforms and use heavy weapons to rob the people.”

Border Guards is the popular term for the Border Intelligence Brigade, which is part of the Sudanese Military Intelligence.

Demands for more security

People living in villages west of El Fasher and in Tawila and Korma localities have demanded from the North Darfur State government to provide security to its citizens, and to deter the criminals who continue to attack their villages and farms.

A delegation made this demand during a meeting between with Deputy Governor Adam El Nahla. The delegates stressed that the people suffer because criminals “continue to terrorise the people”.

El Nahla said that his government agreed to forming a joint force of military, police and Central Reserve Police forces, to restore the rule of law in the state.

The Deputy Governor also pledged to re-open the Sarafaya market, west of El Fasher, that has been closed since last year's attacks by Sudanese paramilitary troops.

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