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Bombs ignite 100 acres of crops in Darfur’s East Jebel Marra

October 30 - 2013 EAST JEBEL MARRA

An Antonov, allegedly of the Sudanese Air Force, has dropped three bombs in East Jebel Marra.

Speaking to Radio Dabanga, witnesses reported that an Antonov dropped three bombs on the areas near the villages of Saby, Keira and Nimra at about 8pm on Tuesday evening.

According to the witnesses, the bombs fell on farmlands near these villages, igniting fires that continued burning until Wednesday. The fires destroyed at least 100 acres of farmland.  

The witnesses, via Radio Dabanga, conveyed East Jebel Marra’s residents' urgent appeals to the government to stop the indiscriminate aerial bombardments targeting civilians and their property, and destroying farmlands.

The residents also renewed their appeal to the international community, the UN Security Council and activists to pressure the government to stop the continuing air raids on the East Jebel Marra region.


Two farmers in East Jebel Marra reportedly died due to misuse of agricultural pesticides they resorted to because of widespread pests in the region. The deceased are Abulbashar Salih Omar from the area of Khartoum Jadeed area and Maryam Omar Yahya from Kunjara.

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