Attacks, clashes, and landmine explosions disrupt daily life in Kordofan

SAF troops in Kadugli, South Kordofan (File photo: SPLM-N)

As rebel fighters launched an attack on the Sudanese army in the South Kordofan capital of Kadugli, three were injured in clashes between the Rapid Support Forces (RSF) and civilians in El Khewei in West Kordofan yesterday. Two others were injured after a landmine exploded in Delling. 

The El Hilu faction of the Sudan People’s Liberation Movement-North (SPLM-N El Hilu) launched an intensive attack on Kadugli on Monday, coinciding with the annual Sudan Armed Forces (SAF) Day. 

The attack began northeast of Kadugli at about 11:00 on the Sudan army’s 69th anniversary, eventually causing the closure of the market and some displacement to western neighbourhoods of the city. Many civilians were injured. 

Radio Dabanga sources reported that the army used machine guns and Katyusha rocket launchers against SPLM-N El Hilu, “unlike previous attacks, in which both sides exchanged long-distance mortar fire.” Sources said that shells were thrown in the city centre. 

On Saturday, an attack on SAF positions by the SPLM-N El Hilu left two people injured in Dalami in South Kordofan. The attack temporarily displaced some residents, many of whom returned on Sunday. 

Two civilians sustained injuries in the El Huda neighbourhood. Following the attack, the rebel fighters withdrew, and calm was restored on Sunday morning. 

The rebel movement fired about 20 heavy artillery shells in Kadugli on July 29, most of which fell in the vicinity of the SAF 55th Infantry Brigade. 

El Khewei clashes 

Three people were injured, including journalist Waleed El Shebeiki, in renewed clashes between the RSF and civilians in El El Khewei, West Kordofan, on Monday.  

Sources told Radio Dabanga that the RSF seized two vehicles belonging to the police, another belonging to a civilian, and an ambulance from the El El Khewei Rural Hospital. 

The savings bank in the town was plundered, as well as the weapons storage located at the police station of the town. 

Landmine explosion 

Two members of a family were killed and two others injured when a landmine exploded at El Farshaya in Delling, South Kordofan, yesterday. 

The family was on its way to their farm north of El Farshaya, when a landmine exploded under their cart. Two people were killed instantly, and another two were injured. They were transferred to Delling Hospital for treatment. 

According to witnesses, the landmine was planted on Monday morning. Motorcycle tracks were found around the location of the landmine. 

Between 2011 and 2017, the government of Sudan and the SPLM-N were at war in South Kordofan and Blue Nile Region. The Sudanese government waged bombing campaigns during the war, dropping cheap shrapnel bombs out of converted Antonov cargo planes. Since December 2017, SPLM-N factions have declared several unilateral ceasefires. The SAF has previously accused SPLM-N El Hilu of planting landmines in the Nuba Mountains. 

Pump station 

The oil pumping station south of Delling is expected to return to full capacity after falling to the lowest level for more than two weeks due to running out of fuel. 

Sources in the region told Radio Dabanga that “a delegation from one of the oil companies affiliated with South Sudan arrived at the oil pumping station south of Delling on Sunday accompanied by two fuel tanker vehicles coming from South Sudan for the purpose of supplying the station.” 

The sources expected the plant to return to full operation on Tuesday. 

The Hajar El Jawad pumping station south of Delling is one of the major oil pumping stations along the oil pipelines coming from West Kordofan and South Sudan. 

Due to the RSF’ control of the Kosti-El Obeid highway and El Obeid-Debibad highway, north of Delling, the arrival of strategic materials to South Kordofan has stopped since the outbreak of the war, the most important of which are medicines and fuel. Kadugli and large parts of the state live in total darkness