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Attack on Sudanese gold miners leaves seven dead

March 26 - 2018 UM KEDDADA
From the UN OCHA map of West Kordofan
From the UN OCHA map of West Kordofan

Seven miners were killed and 15 others were wounded in a shooting about a new gold mine in a disputed area between the states of North Darfur, North and West Kordofan on Saturday.

The incident took place in a newly opened mine for traditional mining in the border area between the three states, the Commissioner of North Darfur’s Um Keddada locality told reporters.

He explained that the opening of the gold mine caused a violent dispute between residents of the area about which state the mine belongs to.

The dispute led to the attack by a North Kordofani, who shot seven miners dead and wounded 15. Six of the people killed and five of the wounded came from Armal in West Kordofan. The others came from El Nayem in Um Keddada.

The commissioner added that the shooter was arrested and that the situation is under control again.

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