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At least 15 villages raided in Kutum, North Darfur

March 31 - 2014 KUTUM LOCALITY

The Rapid Support Forces (RSF) continued their attacks on areas in Kutum, North Darfur, for the tenth consecutive day.

At least 15 villages in the north-eastern part of Kutum locality burned to ashes on Sunday in attacks by the RSF, people who fled the area told Radio Dabanga.

“RSF Janjaweed in about 200 vehicles attacked the area of Shagarla, west of Donki Baashim, at about 11am on Sunday. They raided our villages, and looted all our properties and livestock. They then set the places on fire. Among the villages that burned down are Shagarla, Tima, Girba, Hillet Saleh Nurein, Jido Nurein, Hillet Mohamedein Abd El Banat, Hillet Bashar Abd El Banat, Hillet Dabbat Farti, Hillet Gumeiza, Hillet Ismail Khater, and Hillet Abdallah Mohamed Hassan.”

“Schools burned to ashes, as well as health facilities and other services facilities,” the villagers added. “Thousands of people fled their homes, most of them women, children, and elderly. They are wandering now in the wilderness, facing the risk of dying of thirst.”

The villagers called on the humanitarian organisations to intervene and help them to find a safe place to stay.

A resident of Shagarla told Radio Dabanga that Maryam Saeed Adam (50), Ikram Ishag (7), and Habiba Suleiman Saeed (11) were killed. “Adam El Tom, Mohamed Abdo Jido, and his son Mohamed Abdo were slaughtered. 15 people from one family were wounded. Mohamed Abdel Wahab (12), Fathi Abdallah Yunis (13), Salah Ahmed Karkour (30), and Yunis Nahar Adam were abducted.”

Photo: On 22 March, the RSF together with other militiamen attacked the Khor Abeche camp for the displaced in South Darfur. (Mubarak Bako/Unamid, 26 March 2014)


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