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At least 15 killed in violent clashes in South and West Kordofan

June 7 - 2022 ABU JUBEIHA / LAGAWA
Travellers in South Kordofan (Sari Omer)
Travellers in South Kordofan (Sari Omer)

Violence and tensions rose in the past days in South and West Kordofan. At least six people were killed and 19 others were injured in tribal clashes in Abu Jubeiha, South Kordofan, on Sunday and Monday whilst at least nice people were killed in violent clashes in West Kordofan in the past days.

The fighting that broke out between Hawazma and Kenana tribesmen in Abu Jubeiha on Sunday evening continued until Monday noon. Markets and government offices in the town were closed completely.

El Nil Hussein, the mayor of Abu Jubeiha, reported that a group of young Kenana men were on their way from Abu Jubeiha to the village of Dakouj, east of the town, in a commercial tuk tuk on Sunday afternoon when five armed men intercepted them and robbed them at gunpoint.

Hussein told Radio Dabanga’s Voice of the States programme that people in the town set up a search posse and went out to pursue the perpetrators. This led to a firefight in the town that killed one man and wounded two others, who were taken to Abu Jubeiha Hospital.

In the early morning yesterday, fighting broke out again in the north-eastern suburbs of the town, in which various types of weapons were used. This led to the death of at least four people and the injury of at least 19 others. A number of families also fled their homes.

The clashes between the two sides continued until yesterday early afternoon when an army force intervened. The force however was unable to completely separate the two parties due to the residential overlap between them.

The mayor appealed via Radio Dabanga “to all parties to listen to the voice of reason” and for more military forces to intervene to restore the Rule of Law.

Governor response

The governor of South Kordofan, Mousa Jabur, confirmed the military control over the events.

He told Radio Dabanga that he had contacted the commanders of the military units stationed in Kadugli and Abu Jubeiha and they confirmed their control over the security situation.

He further indicated the need to send more support based on information received from residents of the town.

The governor said that at least five people were killed on both sides and said that the statistics available so far were inaccurate.

Sources confirmed to Radio Dabanga from Abu Jubeiha that the Military Hospital in the town received three dead and seven wounded from one of the parties to the conflict.

West Kordofan

Lagawa in West Kordofan state witnessed a cautious calm on Monday, following a series of violent incidents over the past days that resulted in the deaths of nine people and several injuries.

Ibrahim Hamed told Radio Dabanga that the situation in Lagawa calmed down yesterday, and markets and roads could re-open. The flow of transportation to and from the town also resumed.

Groups of armed men were not seen in the town anymore except in remote areas, the source said. He pointed to the arrival of a government delegation consisting of native administration leaders, headed by the deputy governor, who visited the families of the victims to offer their condolences.

Two weeks ago, El Sunut locality in West Kordofan also witnessed violent clashes and the area has a history of occasional tribal conflict.

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