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‘Arrest of Sudanese doctors won’t resolve crisis’: Doctor

November 24 - 2016 KHARTOUM
Sudanese doctors strike (File photo: El Hurriyat)
Sudanese doctors strike (File photo: El Hurriyat)

A Sudanese doctor, released with 10 others after three weeks in detention by the security services, has pointed out that arresting doctors will not resolve the health crisis in the country.

Speaking to Radio Dabanga on Wednesday, Dr Sayed Abdelgader Ginat, who is also a regular health columnist in the Sudanese media, confirmed that the rise in medicine prices represents the greatest threat to public health in the country.

He said that “basic human needs can be postponed but the medication is impossible to postpone”.

Dr Ginat predicts that the health situation will continue to deteriorate unless the government changes its policy towards local and imported medicines.


Medics in 75 state hospitals and clinics across the country have been striking for three ways a week since mid-November. They demand protection while working, a pay rise, and better working conditions.

The Sudanese Doctors’ Central Committee has called the three-days-a-week strike “a success”. During these three days, the striking doctors only perform life-saving and emergency services.

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