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Another public order case against Christian women in Sudan

July 16 - 2015 JEBEL AWLIA
Christian women worshipping in a Sudanese church (
Christian women worshipping in a Sudanese church (

A court in Jebel Awlia locality, south of Khartoum, on Tuesday heard two witnesses for the prosecution in the case of seven Christian women and girls, accused of disturbing the public order during last Christmas and New Year’s eve.

Some of the women and girls, aged between 30 and 14, were held by the public order police when they were on their way to attend the Christmas mass at the church in the Dar El Salam district in Jebel Awlia locality. The others were detained on their way to the church on New Year’s eve.

The police accused them of wearing “indecent dress”, and beat them with hoses and whips, calling them racist names. The women said that the policemen also tore their clothes, including their underwear.

Human rights activists said that some of the women and girls complain aches and pains as a result of the beating. They are also traumatised by the mental abuses.

The judge set the date of 3 August for the next court session.

Article 152

In Khartoum North, ten Christian students are standing trial for wearing “obscene outfits” on 25 June. They were held by the public order police when leaving the Baptist church in Khartoum North after a religious ceremony. They wore trousers and skirts.

The young women are charged under Article 152 of the 1990 Penal Code, which states that, “Whoever does in a public place an indecent act or an act contrary to public morals, or wears an obscene outfit, or contrary to public morals, or causing an annoyance to public feelings shall be punished with flogging, which may not exceed forty lashes or with fine or with both.”


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