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Air raids in Jebel Marra, Darfur claim six lives

June 10 - 2016 NIERTETI
A barrel bomb in Sudan (file photo)
A barrel bomb in Sudan (file photo)

Aerial bombardments during the past week struck areas of western Jebel Marra and killed six villagers in total. Dozens of homes were burnt and a number of livestock was killed.

An activist in the area reported that the Sudanese Air Force has launched a series of air raids for three consecutive days, from Friday 3 June until Monday, in areas east of Nierteti in Central Darfur.

The bombings with barrel bombs have resulted in the killing of six people: Hawa Idris (23), Kaltum Idris (25), Khadija Sindija (55), Mohamed Harun Arina (61), Musa Hassan (70), Kaltum Adam (70). This is in addition to the two worshipers who were killed on Friday 3 June, when a mosque east of Nierteti was bombed.

In total, eighteen people have sustained injuries of whom Radio Dabanga has collected and broadcast the names.

The activist said that the following villages were damaged as a result of the bombing last weekend: Terma, Kene, Korana, Kuwinga, Moro, Korma, Birbara, Toro, Buronga, Taodi, all between 15 and 35 kilometres east of Nierteti.

There is poor or no network coverage in the mountainous Jebel Marra, which complicates telephone contact with Radio Dabanga.

Last weekend, the Sudanese Air Force launched a campaign of bombardments following renewed fighting between the army and the rebel SLM-AW in Katrom, western Jebel Marra, at the end of May.

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