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Agreement signed in Khartoum to resolve conflict in South Sudan

August 29 - 2018 KHARTOUM
South Sudan's President Salva Kiir (File photo)
South Sudan's President Salva Kiir (File photo)

On Tuesday the government of South Sudan, political parties, and a group of former political prisoners signed the final agreement with the initial letters to resolve the conflict in South Sudan.

The signing ceremony occurred at the Academy of Strategic and Security Studies in Soba, where the chief negotiator represted the government of South Sudan and the presidential advisor for security affairs, Tut Gulawak, Deng Alor represented the former political prisoners. Joseph Okilo represted the political parties, alongside a representative of civil society organisations signed the agreement.

The representative of the SPLM headed by Riek Machar and the Sawa group withdrew.

Foreign Minister Dirdiri Mohamed Ahmed said in a press statement that the final round of negotiations for South Sudan State has been concluded and the final draft of the agreement on resolving the conflict has been reached.

He added that this agreement, which was signed by the majority of the Southern Sudanese parties, is an agreement that has been approved and supported by all political parties in the form of individual agreements in power sharing, governance and security arrangements.

He said there is no need for any negotiation in the agreement, as there is no longer a subject for a new negotiation.

He added we have exhausted the consideration of all the agenda that has been referred to us, as the agreement would be referred to the IGAD for signature and then would be submitted to the parties for final signature.

Read the full official text of the Declaration of Agreement Between South Sudanese Parties here

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