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AFC accepts Ethiopian mediation proposal for an interim Sudanese government

June 24 - 2019 KHARTOUM

The Alliance for Freedom and Change (AFC) accepts the Ethiopian mediation proposal on an interim government for Sudan. The Transitional Military Council (TMC) has reservations and wants the proposal to be integrated with the mediation initiative of the African Union.

The spokesman for the AFC, Babikir Feisal, said that the AFC accepts all the points of the mediation proposal of the Ethiopian mediator.

The Ethiopian proposal includes a Sovereign Council that consists of 15 members. Seven of them are to be civilian, seven military and the 15th member is to be an impartial civilian that both sides must agree upon. Also, the AFC would get two-third of the seats in a transitional parliament. Parliament would then be allowed to nominated a cabinet.

African Union

The African Union initiative reduces the representation of the AFC in the transitional parliament to 55 per cent. Many details about the AU proposal are still unclear.

The military junta and its deputy chairman Hemeti always rejected the two-third representation of the AFC in parliament. This explains, according to observers, the junta’s reservations about the Ethiopian initiative and its demand to integrate it with the African Union initiative.

AU mediator Mohamed Lebatt came to Khartoum on Saturday and entered talks with all parties.

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