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Activists arrested in Sudan ahead of today’s women’s marches

Women protesting in Sudan (Khalid Eltigani)
Women protesting in Sudan (Khalid Eltigani)

The Committee for the Defence of Those Affected by Arbitrary and Unlawful Detention reported the detention of dozens of activists yesterday evening in several areas in Khartoum after demonstrations took place to announce today’s women’s marches.

Demonstrations took place in a number of Khartoum neighbourhoods and also in the other states and cities in Sudan yesterday to announce the women’s marches scheduled for today on the occasion of International Women’s Day.

The Sudanese Women’s Union, the Families of Revolution Victims Association, the Resistance Committees Coordination, the Sudanese Professionals Association, various political and civil forces, and other revolutionary groups planned to participate in women’s marches today on March 8.

Dozens of detainees were brought to the Khartoum North Police Department.

The Khartoum State Security Committee closed the Mak Nimir Bridge and banned gatherings in the centre of Khartoum in anticipation of yesterday’s demonstrations.

In the city of El Gedaref in eastern Sudan, demonstrators came out calling for the overthrow of the coup regime and complete the transition to democracy.

Sudan’s coup authorities have detained over a thousand activists and prominent resistance or political figures since they seized power in the October 25 military coup.

Yesterday, the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights condemned Sudan’s authorities for the targeted arbitrary arrests and detention of prominent protest organisers and demonstrators before, during, and after protests.

The commissioner also condemned the excessive violence, including sexual violence, used by security forces against protesters and detainees. “These appalling attacks likewise appear directed at dissuading and deterring protesters - women and girls in particular - from giving public expression to their views, as is their right”, she said.


In a press statement, the Women’s Union stressed the need to escalate revolutionary action to honour the women martyrs and the other martyrs who paved the path of the revolution with their blood.

The union stressed that it Sudan is still in the midst of a revolution until the people’s victory is secured. They asked authorities to “work to do justice to the Sudanese women who have been suffering the scourge of hell and work to provide a decent and safe life for the daughters and sons of the nation”.

The Women’s Union clarified that their demands remain part of revolutionary action and movement in order to liberate the country from the grip of the military coup regime and to implement democratic civilian rule.

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