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Abu Hamad-Atbara road in northern Sudan closed by activists

August 3 - 2022 ATBARA
Abu Hamad and Atbara (OCHA map of River Nile state)
Abu Hamad and Atbara (OCHA map of River Nile state)

The road linking Abu Hamad with Atbara in River Nile state has been blocked since Friday. The people living in the area demand better services and a solution to land disputes in the area.

The protesters say that the road remains closed until the provision of drinking water and electricity has been improved. The also call for “projects related to social responsibility”, and the dismissal of officials in the Sudanese Mineral Resources Company in the area.

Yasir Benawi told Radio Dabanga that the closure seriously affects the movement of goods from Khartoum to Atbara, and from Atbara to Abu Hamad. “This has led to the doubling of prices of basic commodities such as sugar and flour.”

Gold found in northern Sudan is usually taken to Atbara and from there to Khartoum. “Now only a small percentage of the regular amounts reaches the Atbara market,” Benawi explained.

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