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56 Sudanese medics dismissed for strike

May 18 - 2016 White Nile
File photo
File photo

The Central Doctors’ Committee of Sudan has threatened to remove all of its members from posts in Sudanese hospitals after it says 56 doctors were dismissed from Kosti hospital in White Nile state, and four others referred to the council of medical specialities.

The dismissals come against the backdrop of a recent strike, which was carried out by hospital doctors against the deterioration of the working environment and attacks on doctors.

In response, the central committee threatened to withdraw its entire membership of the deputies and specialists from all the country's hospitals.

The committee chairman, Dr Karrar Hassan told a news conference that all hospitals will see vigils in solidarity with the doctors of Kosti. An urgent memorandum will be handed to the Federal Minister of Health and the council of medical specialties.

The committee criticised the role of the Union of Doctors that “has been a spectator in many cases”.

The committee announced its categorical rejection of the arbitrary dismissal suffered by the doctors and demanded their immediate reinstatement.

Strikes by medical personnel have been widespread across Sudan over the past months, with strikers complaining of poor working conditions, poor security, and non-payment of salaries and allowances.

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