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'40 politicians, activists detained': Sudan opposition

December 6 - 2016 KHARTOUM
Also hundreds of young people have protested in Khartoum against the sky-rocketing prices in the country last month (RD)
Also hundreds of young people have protested in Khartoum against the sky-rocketing prices in the country last month (RD)

Approximately 40 people have been detained since the Sudanese government announced the liberalisation of the fuel market and other austerity measures one month ago, according to the Sudan Appeal opposition alliance.

The detained politicians and activists included four members of the Reform Now Movement and four members of the Sudanese Congress Party, said Mohamed Farouq Suleiman, the spokesman for the Sudan Appeal. He does not have exact numbers and details, “but there are others subjected to daily summons by the security service to their offices, for the purpose of keeping the opposition exhausted”, he told Radio Dabanga.

“Such detentions are unconstitutional under the National Security Act itself.”

The National Intelligence Service has denied the detainees of the Sudanese Congress Party (SCP) the right of visit without the presence of security personnel, which does not allow them to talk freely to their families about their conditions, Suleiman stressed. The NISS has rejected requests of families to meet the SCP detainees, without providing any reason.

“The families of the detainees are deeply concerned for their health and safety, and their conditions of detention.”

Among the detainees who have now spent weeks in detention are the SCP President Omar Yousif El Digeir, the former President Ibrahim El Sheikh, the deputy Party President Khalid Omer Yousif, and secretary-general Mastour Ahmed Mohamed, Abdel Gayoum El Sayed Bader who is the chairman of the central council and political secretary Yousif Abubakar.

The SCP released a statement that the opposition party’s legal sector has filed a lawsuit against the security apparatus, of which the proceedings are still pending in the Constitutional Court.

The arrests of its members and affiliates “will only keep them a lot more more determined to resist the regime, to get involved in mass activities and political work with partners and actors”, the statement reads.

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