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22 govt. parties call for regime change in Sudan

January 2 - 2019 KHARTOUM
A protest march in Khartoum this week
A protest march in Khartoum this week

A total of 22 parties in the government, including the Reform Now Movement led by Ghazi Salaheldin and the National Umma Party faction led by Mubarak El Fadul, demanded yesterday to uproot the Al Bashir regime, form a transitional government and dissolve Parliament.

These parties under the banner of the National Front for Change have confirmed their support of the popular protests demanding the withdrawal of President Al Bashir, and called on the army to support the revolution and the people’s uprising.

In a press conference yesterday, they demanded the formation of a transitional government, dissolving the National Assembly and the Council of States, and appointing a National Consensus Council of 100 members.

Mubarak El Fadul said at the press conference that this group of political forces supports regime change, the ouster of Al Bashir, and a transitional situation to oversee the process from a one-party state to democracy.

Quitting government

The Reform Now Movement headed by Ghazi Salaheldin on Tuesday withdrew from all positions in the government and parliament

Salaheldin called on members of the movement to join the demonstrations and peaceful protests. He explained that this step came in solidarity with the masses and in response to the pulse of the street.

Similarly, the Muslim Brotherhood announced it is distancing itself from the current government, stressing that it has nothing to do with the Al Bashir regime.

Dr Awadallah Hasan, Secretary-General of the Muslim Brotherhood, stressed at the press conference held by the National Commission for Change, their rejection of the current government’s continued failure to run the country.

He also condemned the use of live ammunition against peaceful protesters, especially the young people, and said that they have “turned their backs on the current government”.


The parties that signed these demands include the NUP-El Fadul, the Reform Now Movement, the Democratic Unionist Party, the powerful bloc of change, the Eastern Party for Justice and Development, the Darfur Community Forum, the Federal Movement, the Mayo Socialist Party, the Democratic Conference of Eastern Sudan. One Nation, Blue Nile Platform, National Reform Party, Union of the Nation, Sudan Future Party, Nile Valley Unity Party, East Front Salvation Movement, Democratic Change Party, and the New Sudan Party.

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