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15 elders, sheiks ambushed, slain near Manawashi, South Darfur

November 26 - 2014 MANAWASHI LOCALITY

In an attack on a vehicle by seven militiamen in South Darfur on Tuesday, 15 people were killed and 13 others injured. The incident occurred in Wadi Tabbaldin, 15 km east of Manawashi, South Darfur.

Sheikh Omer Mohammed Ahmed told Radio Dabanga that a number of civilians, mostly elders and Holy Koran memorisers, had been to Hamada, one of the villages to which the displaced have begun to return, to participate in the opening of the village market.

“On their way back from Hamada to Manawashi, several militiamen ambushed their vehicle and opened fire”. Sheikh Ahmed said that the Governor of South Darfur, Maj. Gen. Adam Mahmoud Jarelnabi, visited Hamada village on Wednesday to pay his condolences to the families of the victims. The governor also visited the Manawashi area, and said that witnesses there handed him the names of the alleged murderers. He announced that an Investigation Committee will be formed.

An Omda of Manawashi, Mubarak Abulgasim Adam Yaqoub told Radio Dabanga that the attack had a political motive. “The aim of the attack that left 15 dead was to threaten all Hamada returnees.

“The murder was committed by seven militiamen with automatic weapons and land cruisers. All of the equipment is supplied by the government to promote the government agenda, which is to prevent the people of Hamada from returning.”

Omda Yaqoub appealed to the local government to arrest the murderers and bring them to justice. “We will not leave our land to anyone, even if they kill all of us,” the Omda proclaimed.

The dead, who were buried in Hamada on Wednesday, include Sheikh Adam Abdelnabi, Imam of the Great Manawashi mosque; Sheikh Jamaleldin Ahmadai; Sheikh Ahmed Sami Jedo; Sheikh Ahmad Abdallah Bishara; Sheikh Hassan Adam Jabalbi; Sheikh Suleiman Abdallah Mohamed, Imam of Ammar Gadeed mosque; Sheikh Ismail Abdul Karim Jamaleldin; Abdallah Ibrahim; Alhadi Musa Hassan; Mohammed Adam Ibrahim; Sheikh Al Hadi Mohammed Abdallah Abakr, the Imam of Ambaro mosque; Mohammed Adam Ibrahim; Saleh Musa, director of Hamada Elementary School; Basamaat Ahmed Adam; and Ahmed Suleiman.

The injured are Sheikh Ahmed Suleiman; Sheikh Ibrahim Yaqoub; Ahmed Adam Mohamed; Hassan Adam Mohamed Hassan; Mohamed Adam Sanusi; the vehicle driver Ahmed Ibrahim Rashid; Abdel Razek Hassan Abdullah; Musa Abdullah Younis; Afaf Ahmed Adam; Musa Adam Mohamed Taher; Sheikh Abakr Jamil Ahmed Abdallah; Asma Abdelrahman Mohammed; Sheikh Ahmed Abdelrahim El Safi.

Photo series above and below: The funeral of the 15 Elders and Sheikhs in Hamada on Wednesday 26 November 2014 (Radio Dabanga correspondents)


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