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$13.8 million for Unicef development projects in South Darfur, Kassala in 2017

March 1 - 2017 NYALA / KASSALA
A child receives a vaccination in Sudan (File photo: Unicef)
A child receives a vaccination in Sudan (File photo: Unicef)

The government of South Darfur has signed an agreement with the UN International Children’s Emergency Fund (Unicef) to implement services and development projects to be carried out in the state this year at a cost of $8 million. The fund has earmarked a further $5.8 million for projects in Kassala state.

South Darfur Governor Adam El Faki told reporters on Monday that the total budget of the project is distributed to a group of axes in health, water, and education services.

The head of Unicef in South Darfur, Agostino Munyiri, said that the plan will cover sections of water, health, sanitation, education, child protection, and nutrition.

He said that the plan will be carried out by the relevant Ministries.

According to the official Sudan News Agency (SUNA), he said that the plan's budget is about $8 million, about $2 million of which has already been carried out from the beginning of the year.

South Darfur inaugurated a safety project that targets poor families in five localities at a cost of SDG20 million ($3 million).

The South Darfur Governor, who inaugurated the project on Monday, instructed the Ministry of Social Affairs to direct the means of production to all the state localities.


SUNA also reports that the Governor of Kassala State, Adam Jamaa, and the Director of the Unicef office in the state, have signed  an action plan to carry out a number of activities and programmes in the fields of water, environment conservation, nutrition, education, and child care, which are to be implemented in 2017 at a cost of $5. 8 million.

The agreement was signed in presence of the Commissioner for Humanitarian Aid in the state, Osman Dafaalla.

The Unicef Director in the state made a comprehensive report on the plan and the areas and phases of execution, appreciating the cooperation between Kassala state and Unicef which resulted in implementation of successful projects, SUNA reports.

The Governor praised the efforts of Unicef and its role in implementing services programmes, calling on the organisation to increase its projects and programmes at the level of localities.

(Source: SUNA)

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