Woman killed by fire in West Darfur camp, ‘security deteriorates’

A displaced woman in Sirba camp burned to death inside her house on Monday. Meanwhile, the security situation is deteriorating inside the camp, a coordinator reported.

A displaced woman in Sirba camp, West Darfur, burned to death inside her house after a fire broke out on Monday. The fire destroyed two squares, along with all their contents.

The fire broke out when children tried to cook food in the camp in Sirba locality, one of the coordinators reported to Radio Dabanga. The fire expanded to the squares and the house of 35-year-old Halima Fadul, who was burned to death.

The coordinator complained about the lack of basic firefighting tools inside the camp. He added that the security situation in the area has deteriorated, "especially [on the roads] between Armankul-Tendelti, and Tendelti-Saraf Jidad". Civilians were beaten and robbed by militiamen here, he pointed out. The most recent incidents happened on Sunday and Tuesday, as militiamen attacked a number of people, and stole their money and other properties.

The camp leader demanded that the authorities in West Darfur protect the residents and their properties.