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West Darfur village raided, two women raped

July 8 - 2016 FORO BARANGA
An attack on a village in Central Darfur, Tur, in May 2016 (RD)
An attack on a village in Central Darfur, Tur, in May 2016 (RD)

Two women were raped during an attack on a village in Foro Baranga in West Darfur last Tuesday. A number of people sustained injuries when they were beaten by the attackers when they robbed the villagers.

A witness told Radio Dabanga that a group of gunmen, riding camels and horses, stormed Tuktuka at 10pm on Tuesday. The village is southeast of Foro Baranga. Two villagers were seriously injured when the robbers beat them and they have been taken in a critical condition to Angokoty medical centre.

Two women in the village were raped during the raid, the witness reported. Comments from family members of the victims were not obtained in the aftermath of the attack.

In Foro Baranga, people have been subjected to acts of theft by members of a paramilitary group upon entering or leaving the town on the roads. Most robberies occur on the roads from Foro Baranga to Jogma, to Garsila, and to Bindisi, a witness told this station.

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