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West Darfur to fight organised crime

October 6 - 2015 EL GENEINA
Camp for displaced people in El Geneina locality, West Darfur (UNEP Photo)
Camp for displaced people in El Geneina locality, West Darfur (UNEP Photo)

West Darfur state is to take ‘decisive measures’ to fight organised crime and ‘outlaws’ that have caused insecurity in the state.

During a meeting with native administration leaders and representatives and the security committee in El Geneina nn Monday, Governor Khalil Abdallah Mohamed announced his plan to impose security and maintain social stability in West Darfur. The meeting discussed the tension between some tribes in the state.

Khalil Abdallah sent a message to “outlaw groups seeking to destabilise security and stability in the state”. He claimed that the state is able to “reach” them with the information it has about them.

Herder-resident strife

Villages near El Geneina, the state capital, came under the attack by militant herdsmen last Thursday. One villager was killed and four others seriously wounded. Witnesses said that the herders carried out a revenge attack, after discovering that one of their number was killed in the area.

On Monday, the Governor further announced the arrangements for a conference of the state's native administration, in order to discuss issues of rehabilitation, development, and codification of the native administration.

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