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West Darfur school destroyed as riot dispersed

May 6 - 2016 MURNEI
A Darfur basic school
A Darfur basic school

Three people received gunshot wounds and a school was completely destroyed during a riot that broke out among school children in Murnei camp for the displaced in West Darfur on Wednesday.

The Murnei camp Coordinator told Radio Dabanga that on Wednesday afternoon a medical team arrived unexpectedly at Solo basic school in the camp, which accommodated about 450 pupils.

The team intended to medicate the pupils against schistosomiasis (also known as snail fever) which is caused by parasitic flatworms.

“The team did not notify the school that they were coming. This sparked a demonstration among the pupils against the medical team.

“The police intervened using three vehicles. They fired tear gas and bullets into the air to disperse the crowd, which wounded three people. The gunfire also ignited a fire that destroyed the entire school, which was built of straw. The 16 classrooms, offices, teachers’ room and an entire store were all destroyed.”

The coordinator said that the three injured, including a woman, were transferred to El Geneina for treatment.

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