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Water protests spread to Sudan’s Northern State

June 24 - 2018 NEW AMRI / EL OBEID
File photo
File photo

On Thursday, the residents of New Amri in Sudan’s Northern State demonstrated in protest against the lack of drinking water, poor services and the failure of resettlement projects. Protestors arrested in North Kodofan on Thursday have been released.

The demonstrators, who gathered in front of the administrative office of New Amri, raised banners condemning the deteriorating situation in the area where they were abandoned after the establishment of Merowe Dam.

They demanded that they return to old Amri as an option to get out of this crisis after they despaired of the government promises and the lack of drinking water.

They pointed to the dry wells, the failure of agriculture and resettlement projects for lack of irrigation water.

The area is witnessing a complete lack of drinking water, deterioration of health and education services and failure of resettlement projects for the displaced.

20+ North Kordofan detainees released

Yesterday the authorities of El Obeid in North Kordofan released more than 20 people arrested during the demonstration demanding water in the city on Thursday.

On Thursday morning, the security services summoned Mohamed Suleiman Ahmed to its offices to investigate him after he was arrested at the demonstration on Thursday.

On Thursday morning, El Obeid witnessed a protest organised by residents of El Saha district demanding water.

Police and security forces used force of sticks and tear gas to disperse the two-hour demonstration.

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