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Vigils for release of Sudan detainees

Worshipers in Omdurman (File photo)
Worshipers in Omdurman (File photo)

Vigils were held after Friday prayers at several mosques in the Sudanese capital of Khartoum, and elsewhere in the country, to protest the political and economic situation, and demand that the government release all political detainees.

Dozens attended vigils in front of Um Salama mosque of El Jereif, El Ansar mosque of Ed Dueim and Mardas mosque of El Kalakla.

One of the speakers at Mardas mosque in El Kalakla denounced the arrest of the opposition and youth leaders and called for their immediate release. He highlighted the hundreds of people of Darfur who are in detention in harsh conditions, and denounced the collapse of large projects such as El Gezira scheme because of thirst, in addition to the rise of prices and scarcity of medicines.

He called for the continuation of peaceful protests to bring down the regime.


Also on Friday activists carried out a demonstration in Zürich in Switzerland condemning the political and economic situation in Sudan, expressing solidarity with the vigils and calls for civil disobedience carried out across the country.

The activists carried banners calling for the overthrow of the regime calling on the Sudanese government authorities to release all detainees, and condemning the genocide in Darfur.


On Friday the family of the spokesman of the Baath Party and one of the leaders of the National Consensus Forces Coalition, Mohamed Diaeldin, who has been in detention for more than a month, carried out a protest in Omdurman carrying banners demanding his immediate release.

The family members said the vigil came as part of the adoption of all of the methods of pressure on the security forces to release him.

They pointed out that Diaeldin has been detained for more than a month and that the security forces have not allowed them a chance to meet him and give him his medicines. This in spite of several applications, none of which were replied to.

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