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US envoy in Sudan in support of democratic transformation process

September 30 - 2021 KHARTOUM
(File photo)
(File photo)

The US envoy for the Horn of Africa, Jeffrey Feltman, who is currently visiting Sudan, has stressed the need for the civilian and military members of the Sudanese government to cooperate in order “to achieve a smooth transition to democracy”.

Feltman, who arrived at Khartoum on Tuesday evening, met with Prime Minister Abdallah Hamdok yesterday. During the meeting that was attended by Foreign Affairs Minister Maryam El Sadig and Political Advisor Yasir Arman, the envoy said that the US Administration and the US Congress condemned the failed coup attempt on Tuesday last week.

According to the press statement of Hamdok’s office following the meeting, Feltman called such coup attempts are inevitable. They are aimed at halting the development Sudan is witnessing, despite the difficulties in the transition process. He explained that such attempts may lead to decisions of the Congress to stop supporting Sudan.

The US Special Envoy and the Prime Minister discussed various ways for the USA to support the various processes of civil democratic transformation, beginning with dpreparations for a permanent Constitution, a census and general elections.

They both agreed on the importance of establishing a Transitional Legislative Council to expand the bases for the civil and democratic transition in the country, and complete the establishment of institutions of the transitional period as stipulated in the 2019 Constitutional Document.

The Prime Minister stressed the importance of all the partners of the transitional period “working as one” to achieve a successful civil democratic transition in a peaceful way.

Hamdok also stressed the importance of international support to provide the necessary resources to implement the provisions of the Juba Peace Agreement signed in early October last year, to reach a comprehensive peace in the country.

Council of Ministers

During the session of the Council of Ministers on Tuesday, PM Hamdok stressed the importance of unity of the revolutionary forces in the country.

“The existing partnership is our tool for crossing our country and for the transition to peace, freedom, democracy, and development. We must patiently address the challenges and problems facing us. Much is expected of us,” he said.

In a statement after the meeting, the Council of Ministers said they are “standing in one trench with the armed forces as they protect the country's borders”.

The meeting confirmed the continuation of investigations into the coup attempt. “All facts will be made known to the Sudanese people when they become available.”

Tensions over attempted coup, US bill

Following the aborted coup attempt on September 21, tensions between Sudanese military and civilian leaders resurfaced. The military accused the civilian politicians of squabbling and quarrelling over positions, while civilian members of the government criticised the military for “claiming a monopoly of guardianship over the country and the sole right to lead it through the transitional period”.

In December last year, the US House of Representatives passed the Sudan Democratic Transition, Accountability, and Fiscal Transparency Act. the announcement triggered disagreements between the military and civilian components of the Sudanese government. The bill supports the democratic transition in Sudan and advocates tightening the monitoring of the Sudanese army, security forces, and intelligence services. Moreover, especially the role of the army in the country’s economic affairs would be challenged.

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