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US “deeply concerned” about Darfur

November 19 - 2011 WASHINGTON

Says fundamental issues remain unresolved

The US state department issued a statement on Friday saying that it remains “deeply concerned” about the situation in Darfur.

At the end of the workshop organized by the US state department, where various stakeholders met in Washington to discuss the future of Darfur, the American officials issued a statement raising questions about the humanitarian situation in the country.

“Although some progress has been achieved on the road to a definitive settlement, fundamental issues remain unresolved and a serious humanitarian and human rights crisis is ongoing in the region. Civilians continue to live in insecurity, as a result of the ongoing fighting between government forces and the armed movements, continued aerial bombardments in violation of UN Security Council resolutions, as well as lawlessness and general banditry,” the statement read.

The US state department also urged all parties to implement the Doha Peace Agreement (DPA) “fully and transparently.”

“We also call upon the Government of Sudan and all armed movements to pursue their political goals through peaceful means, including through negotiations and compromise. Finally, we urge the Government of Sudan to remain open and flexible to negotiations with the armed movements. Discussions between the Government of Sudan and the non-signatory movements should proceed without unrealistic demands or incendiary rhetoric that risk permanently immobilizing the peace process,” the statement read.


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