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University of Kassala suspends classes after student demos

August 16 - 2018 NEW HALFA
A student protest in Sudan (File photo)
A student protest in Sudan (File photo)

The administration of the University of Kassala has issued a decision to suspend studies in the faculties of Agriculture and Education in New Halfa in response to the marches that took place in the town on Tuesday against to the deterioration of the dormitory environment.

As reported yesterday by Radio Dabanga, more than 15 students of the Faculty of Agriculture of the University of Kassala in Sudan were arrested by police in New Halfa locality after they staged a march from the dormitories to the premises of the student fund in protest against the deterioration of environment, poor conditions, and poor drainage and sanitation.

Updates from the area confirm that the number of students held by the police has increased to 146.

Witnesses from New Halfa told Radio Dabanga that the march was followed by violence that broke out inside the buildings of the student fund, which damaged some of the contents of the offices and caused partial fire damage to the headquarters.

Residents of New Halfa told Radio Dabanga that the student fund’s management issued a decision to evacuate all students from the dormitories on Tuesday afternoon, leaving many students to spend the night outdoors, while families hosted other students.

Residents said the police has filed complaints against the students on charges of riots, damage to public property, and assault on a public official.

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