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UN official urges Sudan to grant Unamid access to all of Darfur

October 12 - 2016 EL FASHER
File photo (Unamid)
File photo (Unamid)

The Director of Africa Affairs at the Department of Peace Keeping operations Michael J. Kingsley has urged the Sudanese government to allow the Unamid peace keeping mission to reach the farthest areas for the provision of services to affected persons and thus submit a report to the UN headquarters for helping in these development and services projects.

In his meeting with Mohamed Braima Hassab Al Nabi, Acting Governor of North Darfur in the state capital of El Fasher, the UN official said his visit to Sudan, which started two days ago, was aimed to boost the bonds of cooperation between the UN-AU peace keeping mission in Darfur and the Government and to get first-hand information about the performance of the Unit on the ground as well as participating in the work group meeting between the two sides which is set to take place on 17 October, according the the official Sudan News Agency (SUNA).

Kingsley said the UN could assist the government of Sudan implement development and services projects in Darfur, after reasonable stability and security are in place. Then the UN would work to establish development and service projects in the areas upon the return of the refugees and internally displaced persons in the region, through calling on the UN and other agencies working in these fields.

Acting Governor Al Nabi welcomed the visiting UN official to the region and briefed him on the humanitarian and security situation in the state, saying “the situation has witnessed improvement and stability in an unprecedented manner”. He urged the UN to back the government efforts through the erection of model villages for the return of the displaced people and refugees and providing basic services including water, health, and education programmes and projects.

The Acting governor also demanded of the UN to help the Sudan fight the human trafficking and the efforts exerted to eradicate these practices from the joint Sudanese Chadian borders and the Sudanese Libyan common borders.

(Source: SUNA)

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