Two newspaper print-runs seized this weekend in Sudan’s capital

The Sudanese security apparatus continues its confiscations of print-runs of newspapers, without providing reasons, in Khartoum, with two newspapers on Friday and Saturday.

The print-run of El Ayaam newspaper in Khartoum was confiscated on Saturday. Sudan’s National Intelligence and Security Services also seized copies of El Youm El Tali newspaper on Friday, without giving any reasons.

Several journalists at Al Youm Al Tali said the move was likely because columnist Mohamed Latif re-published an article written by the veteran journalist Noureldin Madani. He wrote the police acknowledged the occurence of child abuse incidents, according to Sudan Tribune.

The group Sudanese Journalists Association for Human Rights (JAHR) condemned the confiscation of El Ayaam in a press statement on 13 June. The group appreciates the professionalism of the Al Ayam staff, withstanding "throughout this difficult period", as the confiscation of copies is also a financial siege on the newspaper.

Furthermore, it is humuliating, JAHR writes, that a number of journalists remain in trial in Sudan for oppressing the anti-freedom laws and laws that forbid free expression in the country.

Last month, the security apparatus (NISS) seized copies of ten newspapers and suspended four of them indefinitely without reasons. These four were reinstated on Thursday.

Last Monday, security agents confiscated the print-run of El Akhbar daily newspaper in Khartoum. A reason was not provided. The prior day, all copies of El Watan were barred from distribution.