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Two men shot by Sudan govt. troops in South Kordofan

June 27 - 2018 NUBA MOUNTAINS
File photo
File photo

Government troops shot dead Mousa Abugor and Wilyam Saleh at Kubla area of Dulami locality in South Kordofan on Sunday.

On Tuesday human rights monitors in the Nuba Mountains told Radio Dabanga that a government army force of 15 soldiers armed with machine guns and RPGs who came from Habila to the Kubla area that is under the control of the SPLM-North on Sunday opened fire on 40-year-old Mousa Abugor and 48-year old Wilyam Saleh while they were on the farm and killed them on the spot.

Residents of the area denounced the government attack on civilians and killing them despite the government’s announcement of a ceasefire

The residents called on the government to stop targeting civilians and respect the declared ceasefire, especially since the rainy season has started and all the residents are now on farms.

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