Two children die of scorpion stings in North Darfur

Two children died in El Kuma locality in North Darfur as a result of scorpion stings on Sunday, raising the number of children who succumbed to scorpion stings to nine. In Zamzam camp, 25 children suffered food poisoning…

Two children died in El Kuma locality in North Darfur as a result of scorpion stings on Sunday. The number of children who recently succumbed to scorpion stings in the area now amounts to nine. In Zamzam camp, 25 displaced children suffered food poisoning.

The deceased children were aged between two to four years, the medical director in Sari village, Ahmed Adam Hadi, told Radio Dabanga. He said that there is also a large number of adults who have sufferred stings of scorpions.

A resident in the area said that all their attempts to eliminate the poisonous scorpions have been unsuccessful as the state and local authorities do not respond to their demands for the provision of adequate medicines, and a cooler for the medicines.

Food poisoning

Pupils of two basic schools in Zamzam camp for displaced people suffered food poisoning, including seven children who were severely poisoned.

An activist in the camp reported that 25 pupils from schools 47 and 48 had eaten breakfast from a woman selling food in front of the schools. “Seven of them suffered acute vomiting after entering the schools. Eighteen students lost consciousness after they vomited.” The victims were transferred to the camp's hospital, and the seven pupils in serious condition were brought to El Fasher hospital.

Speaking to Radio Dabanga, the activist demanded the State Ministry of Health and school administrators to ensure the safety of the food the school vendors sell to the pupils.