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Twenty two killed in ongoing clashes Kass South-Darfur

March 25 - 2010 KASS

Twenty three people were killed yesterday  caused by continued clashes between the Misseriya and Nuwayba in villages around Kass. Dozens more were injured. Witnesses told Radio Dabanga that more than forty eight armed SUV cars and two Renault trucks attacked the villages of Tourgoun, Tabo Fotto, Duwayr and Dibis fifteen kilometers north east from Kass. Thousands of civilians were displaced by the fighting’s. The attackers burned villages and looted property and livestock.  Observers said that the clashes had expanded to include camel raisers. 

The commissioner of Kass locality Ali Mahmoud al Tayib said that armed groups came from North Darfur on land cruiser pickups and camel and horsebacks and attacked the village of Tourgoun, Borou Koutto, Nigeia, Tabo Fotto and Hashaba. Another group went to the east and attacked Limo and Dawis. A third groups went to the north and attacked Khirwa and Gemmeiza.

A citizen accused the Sudan government that they provide heavy weapons and vehicles to the conflicting parties to destabilize the region. He raised the question from where the tribes get the arms and vehicles if not provided by the government.

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