Tribal clashes in Sudan’s White Nile state leave five dead

Five people were killed and many other injured in tribal clashes in Kosti, May 8 (Social media)


At least five people were killed, and an unknown number of others wounded in tribal fighting in Kosti in White Nile state during the past three days.

Speaking to Radio Dabanga, residents of Kosti reported that the violence broke out following an ordinary quarrel caused by the theft of a mobile telephone on Friday.

The next day, the police intervened and managed to contain the situation, but clashes broke out again on Sunday afternoon.

“On Monday morning, the fighting between Nuba and fellata* resumed in a more violent way, which led to the death of four men and one woman from both sides, and the injury of many others,” one of the sources said.

“In the afternoon, a number of homes were attacked, and a vehicle burned to ashes, despite the intervention of the police.”

The sources reported traffic congestions in large parts of the town yesterday afternoon.

* Fellata is a collective term in the Sudanese vernacular applied to West African immigrants in the country.