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Torrential rains make victims in Kassala towns

July 24 - 2018 KASSALA
People help a woman in Kassala to cross one of the floods on Sunday 22 July (RD)
People help a woman in Kassala to cross one of the floods on Sunday 22 July (RD)

Torrential rains followed by floods have swept through several parts of the town of Kassala in Sudan, causing hundreds of houses to collapse. Fatalities have also been reported.

Residents of Kassala told Radio Dabanga that a flood swept through the districts Makram, El Ingaz and parts of northern Halanga and new Khatmiyah on Sunday. They said that the rain had lasted for five hours, causing considerable damage.

“A large number of the residents are living in the open after the collapse of their houses,” a resident said. They attributed the great damage of the floods to the non-expansion of water outlets in these parts of town.

The level of El Gash River has risen significantly, threatening several villages and towns along the banks. Villagers here have expressed concern over the flooding of El Gash towards Dukin, Mukli, and Aroma.

A man awaits help in front of a house (RD)

Reports still to be clarified and confirmed that the river washed a vehicle off the road, leading to a number of casualties. Radio Dabanga has not yet been able to verify these reports.


Photos above: People watch men jumping in a flooded river in Kassala for a swim (RD)

Humanitarian aid

The Humanitarian Aid Commission in Kassala has appealed to relief organisations to act and help the people affected by the floods and torrential rains.

Commissioner Idris Ali said that a large number of residents in various parts of Kassala town have not found shelter nor food, because of the floods that have washed their houses away.

Ali appealed to the organisations to distribute ready-made food items to the affected people.

People in Kassala accused the state government of lacking concern after it received presidential assistant Feisal Hassan Ibrahim and did not make a statement about the floods that have swept parts of the state’s villages and Kassala town districts.

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