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Three people killed in South Darfur

October 10 - 2017 NYALA / ED DAEIN
Street in Nyala, the capital of South darfur (El Tareeq)
Street in Nyala, the capital of South darfur (El Tareeq)

Three people were killed in separate robberies and clashes in South Darfur this week. Also in East Darfur the forced collection of weapons from civilians is at hands.

Gunmen shot and killed a trader in Nyala in South Darfur on Monday evening, witnesses reported to Radio Dabanga. Ishag Shorom, one of the businessmen in the capital of South Darfur, was driving his vehicle when the gunmen intercepted him.

“They shot him dead and fled the scene. It happened in Sabrin market, from where Ishag's body was taken to Nyala hospital,” a witness said.

Also in Nyala, a woman in the Sakali district was harassed by a member of the Rapid Support Forces (RSF) on Sunday night. She resisted when the armed man tried to rape her. He shot and wounded her.

The woman has been transferred to the academic hospital in the city in a serious condition.


In Kasora in Niteaga locality, South Darfur, two members of the paramilitary Border Guards were killed in a clash with members of the RSF on Monday. The clash came against the backdrop of a search the RSF members conducted in Kasora, a source reported to this station.


Bandits burned down one of the commercial vehicles in Gireida locality after stealing the goods it was carrying on Friday. The incident happened in Wadi Gurgish in Gireida locality.

Listeners in the area told Radio Dabanga that the Land Cruiser was on its way back after shopping in El Nadeif. It disrupted and passengers disembarked at Wadi Gurgish, 15km south of Gireida. Five men on camels arrived at the scene, stole all the goods from the vehicle and torched it. The police in Gireida has been informed.

Forced arms collection

South Darfur will start with the forced collection of weapons from civilians as of mid-October. In particular areas such as camps and prone to tribal conflicts can expect these inspections, said the state governor.

Also in the capital of East Darfur, Governor Anas Omar, announced the start of the next phase of the collection of weapons in the state this week. The forced arms collection starts this weekend. Police chief Hashim Abdelmutalib said that all preparations for the enforced collection have been completed.

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