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Three killed, five wounded in Sudan agricultural protests

May 19 - 2022 SENNAR
(File photo)
(File photo)

Three people were shot dead, and five others were wounded by coup forces during a protest in the Abu Nama area in Sennar state, yesterday.

Witnesses told Radio Dabanga, that the protests erupted following a dispute between locals and an agricultural company, which then eventually led to protestors being open fired upon by the intervening coup forces.

Among the dead, Zubayr El Bashir, Doka Ibrahim El Bashir, and Reda El Badawi. Local witnesses stated that those critically injured in yesterday’s protest were transferred from Abu Hajar Hospital to Sinja Hospital.

The Abu Hajar Resistance Committees and the Sudanese Congress Party (SCP) claimed in separate statements following the demonstrations, that the root cause of the protests was owing to the recent decision by a Sudanese court to repeal the Empowerment Removal Committee’s real estate seizure from Ali Osman Taha, former First Vice President in Omar Al Bashir’s government.

Additionally, it was stated by both the committee and the SCP that the return of the agricultural magnate, Muawiya Al Barir, was a vital point of concern for those demonstrating.


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