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Three camp leaders wanted for arrest were slain in Darfur night assault

September 7 - 2010 ZALINGEI

Gunmen last Friday killed three out of five camp leaders whom they had demanded be handed over to the government. The residents of Hamidiya Camp for internally displaced (IDPs) said that the same group has threatened to attack again with the intention of targeting the surviving two wanted camp leaders.The IDPs said that fears of another attack have spread among the displaced. Before the attack last Friday, the attackers warned of their intentions and demanded that five camp leaders be extradited from the camp in connection with murders committed in Hamadiya in late July. The sources explained that the attackers are living within the town of Zalingei in houses rented for them by the government.

On the other hand, the commissioner of Zalingei, Abdullah Mohamad Al Amin, denied supporting any armed group from inside the city to attack the displaced people, and he stressed that the government did not rent any house for the attackers.

The three who were wanted by the government and who were also killed in the attack on Friday were Adam Ismail Bush, Zalingei camps coordinator; Mohamed Abdullah Khater, chairman of the youth; and Mustafa Adam Kharif, according to an IDP source. The total number of fatalities in the attack was nine.

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