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Thousands of pregnant women screened for HIV/AIDS in Sudan capital

December 7 - 2017 KHARTOUM
File photo
File photo

The Ministry of Health of Khartoum has announced that it has screened thousands of pregnant women for HIV/AIDS this year. Dozens of bogus doctors have also been arrested.

In a statement, the Ministry announced that 6, 550 pregnant women have been tested for HIV/AIDS so far this year. Of these, 16 were shown to by HIV-positive.

The Ministry pointed out that a total of 600 pregnant women have been diagnosed with HIV/AIDS in Sudan since 2007.

Fake doctors

Minister of Health, Bahr Idris Abu Garda, announced that 166 people have been arrested over the last three years for practicing medicine without papers or proper credentials.

He said the arrested people were mainly medical assistants or herbalists who pass themselves off as doctors. Citing one example, Minister Abu Garda mentioned that one of the bogus medical practitioners was prescribing vaporisers for patients a “a complimentary treatment”.

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