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A compact weekly digest of Dabanga Sudan’s news highlights from Darfur and Sudan

Um Kedada in North Darfur damaged by torrential rains and floods on 6 October 2019 (RD)

A compact weekly digest of Dabanga Sudan's news highlights from Darfur and Sudan

Generals held for Sudan coup attempt released

October 2 – 2019 KHARTOUM Two generals who were arrested for the foiled coup d’état at the end of July have been released by the authorities. 10 people will be prosecuted for the attempted coup.

The two released generals are former Chief of Staff Lt Gen Emad Adawi and Gen Mohamed El Mukhtar. The former Head of the Dams Implementation Unit Osama Abdallah and Hisham Taha were released as well.

Speaking on behalf of the Sovereign Council, Lt Gen Shamseldin El Kabbashi said in a statement to the Arabic news channel Al Ain Al Ekhbariya that 10 people detained after the coup attempt will be prosecuted.

This includes former Chief of Staff Gen Hashim Abdelmutallab and a number of brigadiers, most notably the commander of the Popular Defence Forces militia, brig Abdelazim El Amin.

People, animals die of ‘unknown fever’ in eastern Sudan

October 6 – 2019 ARBAAT A man and more than 20 head of cattle died in Arbaat in Red Sea state on Thursday and Friday of an “unknown fever”.

So far, three people and 420 cows have died of the unknown disease that hit the area of Arbaat, north of Port Sudan, over the past weeks, medical doctor Ahmed Dereir told Radio Dabanga on Friday.

The symptoms of the disease are high fever among people, and bleeding and abortion among cows, he said. The Preventive Medicine Society advised the people not to drink milk, and burn dead cattle before burial.

Teams of the World Health Organization (WHO) and the Sudanese Preventive Medicine Society have arrived in the region to investigate the epidemic.

Activists have criticised the Red Sea state government for not making its findings on the epidemic public, despite taking samplings for research more than a week ago.

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Paramilitaries attack, detain public after anti-mining protests

October 8 – 2019 TALODI A force of the paramilitary Rapid Support Forces (RSF) attacked people living near gold mines in Talodi locality in South Kordofan on Monday. Environmental protection activist Khalid Mohamed told Radio Dabanga from…

Committee to investigate burial of three slain protestors

October 8 – 2019 KHARTOUM Unidentified victims of the violent dismantling of the sit-in in front of the General Command of the Sudanese Army in Khartoum on June 3 (RD) On Monday, Sudan’s acting Attorney-General instructed the formation…

Fevers spreading in Darfur, health care to be enhanced in eastern Sudan

October 8 – 2019 SIRBA / UM KEDADA / ARBAAT People in Sirba locality in West Darfur complain about the emergence of “an unknown disease”, that has killed at least 15 patients. In Um Kedada in North Darfur, more than 400 families are…

South Darfuri journalist missing in capital

October 8 – 2019 OMDURMAN Darfuri journalist Ahmed Abdelhameed has been missing in Omdurman, the twin-city of Khartoum, since October 2. The family of independent journalist Ahmed Abdelhameed, nicknamed Ahmed…

South Kordofan anti-mining protesters clash with security forces

October 6 – 2019 TALODI Angry demonstrators torched the offices of gold mining companies in the neighbourhood of Talodi in South Kordofan on Thursday. The protestors attacked a base of the Rapid Support Forces government militia as well…

Militiamen kill two farmers in Sudan’s Nuba Mountains

October 6 – 2019 GARADA On September 18, a Nuba farmer was shot dead by members of the Popular Defence Forces militia, when he protested against cattle grazing on his land near Garada in South Kordofan’s El Abbasiya locality. Not much…

Humanitarian disaster’: 19,287 cases of malaria in North Darfur last month

October 4 – 2019 EL FASHER The Central Committee for Medical Laboratories recorded 19,287 cases of malaria in North Darfur between August 25 and September 25. In a report on Wednesday, it called for rapid government intervention, calling…

New EU Head of Delegation to Sudan arrives in Khartoum

October 3 – 2019 KHARTOUM The designated Head of Delegation of the European Union in Sudan, Robert van den Dool, arrived in Khartoum yesterday. A statement issued by the EU Delegation in Khartoum today says that after presenting his…

Interview with Sudan Liberation Movement leader El Nur: Paris meeting with Hamdok ‘friendly and frank’

October 3 – 2019 PARIS Abdelwahid El Nur, head of the mainstream Sudan Liberation Movement faction, described his meeting with Prime Minister Abdullah Hamdok at the French Foreign Ministry in Paris on Sunday as a friendly and frank. He…

Sudan Minister of Finance: France will support debt relief

October 2 – 2019 PARIS The Sudanese Minister of Finance Ibrahim El Badawi says France will support debt relief for Sudan. He discussed this with his French counterpart and the director of the French Treasury. In an interview with Radio Dabanga…

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